Article 362: Congratulation, Arab Egypt,  Welcome Back, You Defeated USA and Israel. Now I am a Proud Arab Person

Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds, the Honorable Dean of the Arab Writers in North America.

I gave fifty years for the Arabs to rise against their political regimes, but I was mistaken. What proved my mistake the uprising in Tunisia and Egypt.  Now I am proud Arab person. I feel the Arab dignity have returned. Several days ago I wrote an article titled: Article 361: Expected Scenarios in Egypt, USA and Israel are the Winners on articles base,  about the two scenarios where the Uprising will be defeated, and the United States of America and Israel are the winners. I said: In both scenarios, of the Egyptian uprising, political analysts can come up with the conclusion that the United States of America and  Israel are the winners. This statement has legitimate logic, wither the Head of the  state leaves, or gives up his authorities to his vice president and stay aside. These analysts believe that both solutions at the end, bring relief for both the United States of America, and Israel, for simple reason, Israeli-Egyptian relations to continue its past policies in what they called “peace” with Israel. Read More


I also described how “The two scenarios harm the uprising badly, for four reasons: first, if Husni Mubarak remained in his position the highest roof level of the uprising in the Freedom Square  of creating a new kind of political system guarantees social justice, and brings those who were responsible and accountable of chaos which began with  prisoners (criminal) release by their security guards, and security forces withdrawal from the street to make the street unrest and citizens unsecured. And those who were responsible for the death of citizens by security and National Party forces. “ And I gave the right solution for the Uprising for Egypt to return back to the Arabs as before the Sadat Regime. I wrote: “Third, unless there is a radical change in the political system takes both the president and its Vice out of their authority, none of the promised solutions or changes is guaranteed. It is very well known slogan that politicians usually say ten folds of what they do. Why the Uprising should accept partial solutions while the millions want the Head of the state and his regime to go to hell, with no return? If the system changed only colors and faces, as it did by changing the ministers (some old faces) and the Prime Minister, or appointing a Vice President for the first time in thirty years, or resigning his son from the National Party, its ideology and forces will remain in power, where most rotten faces remain in their positions.”


In conclusion, I wrote: “ The uprising will be harmed badly if their requests were not achieved. The Uprising wants a new phase in history dissimilar to the status quo represented by totally corrupt system in its arms, head and soul. Therefore, the Uprising for freedom should not negotiate with the system or its subsystems unless there is a real change of the whole face of Egypt to return to its position regionally and globally. That expected (new) Egyptian face till this point, with the solutions of ousting the president, or giving up his authorities and constitutional powers to his Vice president still satisfying Israel and the United States as far as both still filling the empty frame of expected Free Egypt.”


Congratulation, Egypt, transferring authority to the Army Supreme Council is now satisfying the people, the young youth , satisfying all Arabs who missed Egypt for a long time. Thank You Egypt for your victory over the status quo, To other political regimes in the Arab countries, I say: beware of the people when their dignity is lost. Other countries now are encouraged to rise and succeed in their uprising. The leaders of Arab countries even the oil producing countries, should be aware to come up with social justice and building good relations with their people, otherwise,  The flood of freedom will  take them out.  The price of freedom is becoming easy to pay from the people. To regain their dignity, and march toward freedom and social justice. (711 words)  


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