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Professor, Dr. Hasan A. Yahya is an Arab American writer, scholar, and professor of Sociology lives in the United States of America,  originally from Palestine. He graduated from Michigan State University with  2 Ph.d degrees. He published 65 books plus (45 Arabic and 20 English), and 500 plus articles on sociology, religion, psychology, politics, poetry, plays and  short stories in Arabic and English. Philosophically, his writings concern logic, justice and human rights worldwide. Dr. Yahya is the author of Crescentologism: The Moon Theory,  Moon Flowers and   Islam Finds its Way, on Amazon. He’s an expert on Race Relations, Arab and Islamic Ethics, he is also, interested in religion, world affairs ,  Health,  Development  and  global strategic Management and planning for justice and human rights. Dr. Yahya is also  a columnist at wftv . www.dryahyatv.com


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Dr. Yahya is quite simply one of the foremost public intellectuals of modern time. He inspired millions of youth around the world in his articles. He always comment on political, social and psychological issues concern a large number of common people as well as specialists in sociology, economy, political science, and psychology.  While his interest was in regional and global areas, he knew that international and regional affairs are complex.

As well as being an author, columnist and academic, Dr. Yahya is the Dean of Arab Writers in North America, the president of the Palestinian Voice, and President of Arab Culture Revival Institute in USA.  Dr. Yahya worldview comes in part from being a naturalized American citizen who was born in Mandate Palestine and grew up outside the U.S. in different culture. His academic background—a B.A in Arabic Literature from a Lebanese University,  Beirut, and two Ph.D degrees from Michigan State University. Comparative Sociology and Educational Administration. His education gives him a set of analytical tools that few in the United States have. In his research, he was always interested in asking questions   not only what? But Why? And How? Therefore, he wrote about Education in the Arab countries, about renaissance, about secularization and civil society associations and teachers skills and class management as well as psychological books on Personality,  Stress , love, anger and Fear.

Dr. Yahya challenged life when he passed a successful surgical operation to transplant liver. His mission was shifted to philosophical issues concerning Human Rights and Justice. He defended Women in Islamic culture, he defended Islam and explained misconceptions about Islam. He defended the rights of Palestinians and provided certain solutions for the 100 years plus  long conflict. His book Palestinian Arabs and Jews: Sociological Approach, was a cornerstone in social analysis of the two racial groups: Jews and Palestinians. 

His second masterpiece was Crescentology and Crescentologism, a Theory of Conflict Management and Cultural Normalization. He published his theory in two books on Amazon among other 60 plus books in various subjects.

Some of his quotes:

-          The wish and will of people anywhere on the globe, are not stoppable.

-          If people lost their dignity, nothing would be expected from them other than revolution to regain their dignity.

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