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Music and Islam- I

Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds


Continuing the answer on music and Islam. Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty (Islamic Tradition). As Muslims  to follow the attributions of Allah according to the instruction of the Holy Prophet; they should also love beauty in nature to realize the great beautiful creations in nature. Therefore, there is no harm in appreciating and realizing beauty in the various phenomena of nature with that great object in view. Beauty can be realized through sense organs, such as eye, ear, nose, hand, tongue, brain and heart. The fragrance of a flower can be appreciated by sight and smell. Similarly to hear by ear melodious songs and music is not also unlawful. Which means a sweet voice in a song.

Sweet voice is a precious thing and there was no Prophet without a sweet voice. Allah, according to Islam, likes sweet voice, and not to speak loudly to men. He says: Inna Ankara al-Aswati Lasawti al-Hamir, And lower your voice; verily the most detestable of voices is certainly the braying of the asses (Q:31:19). And about Prophet David God said: We gave David excellence from Us (Q:34:10). This excellence has been explained to be melodious voice (Awwab). David could  sing so well with his religious scripture “Zabur” that four hundred men, it is said, breathed their last every day in his assembly of music. The Holy Prophet said: Allah heard nothing(sweeter) than what he heard from the Prophet—his signing with the Qur’an (Q:37:59).

Sweet voice is of two kinds, rhythmical and no-rhythmical. Rhythmical sweet voice is more pleasing than the rhythmless sweet voice.  The former includes songs and poetries and the later general talks. The good of general talk and poetry is good and the bad of general talk and poetry is bad. Similarly, the good of music is good and the bad of music is bad. The same thing in the world has got good and bad effects. Take food for example,  it is lawful or unlawful, it is lawful but the excessive quantity is unlawful. In Islam every thing is lawful, except pork, and wine as unlawful. Even a moderate quantity of food

     Becomes unlawful for a person of sudden high blood pressure, or high inflammation of bowel-intestines. The same is the case with music, It has been stated in many resources that the good of songs in general is lawful. Hence, the good songs are allowed, for a simple reason, the word “unlawful” cannot be used if there is no express provision in the Qur’an. (425 words) www.hasanyahya.com




Types of songs in Islam

War songs

Religious songs

Love songs for Allah

Mourning songs

Love songs for human beings

Songs of joy

Songs of marriage

Songs of occasions

Instrument songs

Unlawful songs

من شعر الرسول: عن البراء  يوم الخندق حين اغبر بطن الرسول سمعه يقول:

والله لولا الله ما اهتدينا

ولا تصدقنا ولا صلينا

فأنزلن سكينة علينا

وثبت الأقدام إن لاقينا

إن الأولي قد بغوا علينا

إذا أرادوا فتنة أبينا

أبينا أبينا أبينا 


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