More about First Time Dating II

Hasan A. Yahya, Ph.Ds


The question posed in previous article was : what are the expectations of the consequences of the first time date? You have to be responsible to decide what consequences may be resulted form the first time dating Options a girl has:

1.         If you believe that dating is only for fun, be it, but several dates will follow with other partners, and you will have fun doing that.

2.         If you believe in continuation of relationship for a long time, be it, but you will act as a forgiver, if there are unexpected negative behavior from partner in the first date.

3.         If you are not convinced of your partner, and doubt his ability to solve problems, be it, but you have to expect that you will be the decision maker in the future if you resume relationships.

4.         If you want to bring other boy or girls attention in your first date be it, but, but forget it! Because you are cheating yourself. The consequences of such act, will not be positive emotionally.

5.         Most first date partners should expect that it might be their last. Then be it, you have to say it immediately and leave the place. Otherwise youll be emotionally in trouble. You have to be responsible of your act. That gives you the feeling of self-control.

6.         Dont expect more than reality. Desires to know is comparable to desires for sexual orientations. Even though first date is a vital step leading to fulfill that desire.

7.         In this case, you have to be ready to ask yourself: Am I ready to make love, and How? What should I do, or know about sex? Do I have to protect myself from venereal diseases, or pregnancy? And what precautions should I take, condoms, pills, separation, or leave it for circumstances?

8.         Keep any venereal disease in mind, and the consequences of such disease. Pregnancy is may be the least concern to worry about compared with HIV positive.

9.         It is your decision, and your responsibility to select the best way to deal with sex. Desires in first time sexual intercourse, may blind young people to see whats the proper way to do it, and what precautions to take. The consequences may be disastrous for both partners.

10.     Any sexual intimacy, depends on how long partners know each other. The answer for this question will be the topic of our next article. (416 words)


About the author:

Hasan Yahya is an American Arab scholar, and a professor of sociology. He published 25 plus books and 220 plus articles on sociology, psychology, politics, poetry, IQ Test Measurement and short stories in both Arabic and English. His articles may be found on, Face book and other internet sites. His recent book published on Amazon titled: Lawlaki: Lawlaki Poetry Diwan, Zawjat lil-Bay's: Tales and articles, 2000 Bayt Min al-Shi'r al-Arabi and al-Zawaj wal-Jinse fil-Alam, Zawjat lil-Bay, and al-Zawaj wal-Jinse fil Alam, all in Arabic.(On Amazon, 2009). His recent activities reflects his talents and knowledge on youtubes Dr. Yahya Channel TV under the name of askdryahya.

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