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Hasan A. Yahya obtained his first doctoral degree in Educational Administration  from Michigan State University in 1988; his second

degree was in Comparative Sociology and Social Change in 1991  He was the first student to obtain two doctorates simultaneously from the same university.  He worked under the supervision of Dr.  Louis Roman (education)and Drs. Chris Vanderpool and Jay Artis (sociology). 


The topics of the two dissertations was covering both macro and micro levels of analysis. His first dissertation was titled: Factors Influence Muslim Organization Members in Lansing , Michigan Area.  The second dissertation on macro level,  the study was  Comparative Analysis of Social Change in the Muslim Nations.


In 1982 Hasan Yahya emigrated to the United States and took a position in the Social Science Department of Michigan State University, Lansing Community College (LCC), and Jackson Community College (JCC), as adjunct faculty member, teaching sociology and Education in different campuses.

In 1996, Dr. Yahya accepted a post at Zayed University, Dubai Campus, UAE. From 1998 to 2001. Then he was offered the chairperson of Educational department at Ajman University from 2001-2003. And in 2004, he returned back to his position in the United States to teach at Jackson Community College.



His research covers factors of social change and human behavior. Especially in the area of happiness and life satisfaction as psychological issues related to stress, fear and anxiety in modern age. Areas of mental and physical disabilities also covered in his research and practice and family affairs.


Presentations & CV items may be found on this site-Hasan A. Yahya  حسن يحيى



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