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إسألوا الدكتور يحيى问问叶海亚博士

1029 Coolidge Road 1029柯立芝路
Lansing , MI 48912 兰辛美国密歇根 48912
ph: 5173332162 PH值:5173332162


Who's Dr. Hasan Yahya ? 谁是哈桑博士叶海亚?

Dr. 博士 Hasan A. 哈桑答 Yahya is one of the Honorary Committee Members of the Arab and Muslim Writers Union, (A&MWU)chaired by Albert M. 叶海亚是1米的名誉委员会成员伟业的阿拉伯和穆斯林作家联盟,集团(A&由MWU)主持 Jabara (Canada). 贾巴拉(加拿大)。 The List includes: HE Rajab T. 该清单包括: 何卜苏凯吨 Erdogan, Rt. 埃尔多安总理保罗。 Hon. 汉。 PM,(Turkey) HH Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al Missned (Qatar), First Lady Michelle Obama, and Professor Noam Chomsky (USA), to name a few. 下午,(土耳其)架HH Sheikha Mozah宾特纳赛尔Missned(卡塔尔),第一夫人米歇尔奥巴马,诺姆乔姆斯基教授(美国),仅举几例。
Dr Yahya graduated from Michigan State University with two Ph.D degrees. 叶海亚博士毕业于美国密歇根州立大学两个博士的学位。 He's a human being and human rights believer, a philosopher, an American writer, and a scholar. 他是一个人的福祉和人权的信徒,一个哲学家,一位美国作家,学者。 He is a professor of sociology and an authority on Arab & Muslim cultures. 他是一位社会学教授和一个阿拉伯和穆斯林文化的权威。
His writings cover sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, poetry, Arab-Muslim relations with the western nations and cultures. 他的著作包括社会学,心理学,历史学,哲学,诗歌和文化的西方国家,阿拉伯和穆斯林关系。 His research was conducted about human behavior, life satisfaction, and social change in a rapidly changing world, taking into consideration, the advance technology, the global political changes & the position of reducing conflicts among religions, and cultures for the purpose of personal and national progress.He is interested mostly in population movement, assimilation and demography and social behavior after migration from place of origin to a place of destination. 他的研究进行了有关人类行为,生活满意度,社会和不断变化的世界在迅速变化,考虑到,技术的进步,全球政治变化和各宗教之间减少冲突的立场,和文化为目的的个人和国家progress.He感兴趣的是原产地主要集中在人口流动,消化,吸收和地方的人口迁移和社会行为后到目的地的。 His theory of Crescentology -Theory C. 他的理论的Crescentology,理论 is expected to be a new science for sociologists and psychologists to be more involved in personal and social development and the process of conflict management on both macro as well as micro levels. 预计将于1和心理学家new科学为社会学家将更多地参与个人和社会的发展和管理层对宏观过程既冲突以及微观一级。 It is a science combines philosophy with sociology, psychology and education in an interdisciplinary major to create new job named socio-therapist. 这是一个科学哲学与社会学相结合,心理治疗师和教育跨学科的重大创造新的就业名为社会经济。 Universities and national institutions should take Crescentology theory rules to create a new world of peace through exchanging true knowledge about each other among individuals (male/female), groups. 高校和国家机关要带头Crescentology理论的规则,创建/,团体女)一新(男世界其他和平真正的知识,通过交换有关每个个人之间。 (Small or large), organizations (X, Y, and Z), or nations (underdeveloped, developing, or overdeveloped). (小或大),组织(的X,Y和Z),或国家(不发达,发展,或过度开发的)。
Understanding in his theory is dependent on knowledge, where appreciation follows to lead to a state of compromising and state of conflict free cultures, nations, organizations, groups, and persons. 在他的理论的理解依赖于知识的群体,在那里欣赏如下导向,一个国家的牺牲和冲突状态的自由文化,国家,组织和个人。 Dr. Yahya 叶海亚博士 believes in human rights, freedom of speech, equality, justice, liberty to pursue happiness. 认为在人权,言论自由,自由,平等,正义,追求幸福。 Politically he is liberal (by choice) with conservative beliefs (by force). 在政治上他是自由(可选择力)与保守的信仰()。 Dr. Yahya 叶海亚博士 does not believe in magic, he believes in the power of human mind and human hearts to come together to close the gap between cultures of the East and the West, religions of the Globe, minority groups' beliefs, and philosophies of the world. 不相信魔术,他认为在人类的心灵力量和人的精神走到一起关闭的信仰差距'文化之间的东,西组,宗教的地球,少数民族,和世界哲学的。 Finally; 最后;

Dr yahya published 28 books so far, and 200 plus articles on sociology, psychology, IQ Tests, poetry, politics, and short stories. 医生叶海亚 28日出版的书籍,到目前为止,200多条对社会学,心理学,智商测试,诗歌,政治,短篇小说。
contact dr. Yahya on his email: to ask any question about life, personal happiness, anger, stress, learning, problem-solving, decision-making, fears and hopes or any other topic. 博士联络。 叶海亚对他的电子邮件: Askdryahya@yahoo.com提出任何有关生命的问题,个人的幸福,愤怒,压力,学习,问题解决,决策,恐惧和希望,或任何其他议题。 Dr. Yahya will be very pleased to provide the help necessary to those who wants to know . 叶海亚博士将非常乐意提供必要的帮助那些谁想要知道的。 His belief is: knowledge is power for the mind to control self, ethically, and spiritually. 他的信念是:知识是心灵的力量的控制自我,道德和精神。


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November 30, 2009 二○○九年十一月三十日

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What We Do我们做什么

Dr.博士 Yahya is a professor of sociology.叶海亚是社会学教授。 An expert on Arab and Muslim Cultures.对阿拉伯和穆斯林文化的专家。 He writes articles on politics, sociology, psychology, short stories, and Kids books (tales and songs).他写道政治文章,社会学,心理学,短故事,儿童图书(故事和歌曲)。 To see some of his writings go to his other webpage titled:看到他的一些著作到他的其他网页标题:

Dr.博士 Yahya also is an expert on strategic planning, national identity, complex organizations, (NATO, SCO, OIC, UN, UNESCO,etc., behavioral change, life satisfaction and personality types. His expertise covers both macro and micro levels of analysis. His theory:Crescentology shows his insights for national, regional, and global conflict resolution and management.叶海亚也是一个战略规划,国家认同,复杂的组织专家,(北约组织,上海合作组织,伊斯兰会议组织,联合国,教科文组织等,行为改变,生活满意度和人格类型。他的专长涵盖了宏观和微观层面的分析。他理论:Crescentology显示了国家,区域和全球性冲突的解决和管理他的见解。

Dr.Yahya was invited to many TV shows and international conferences. Dr.Yahya应邀到许多电视节目和国际会议。

We provide:我们提供:

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Dr.博士 Yahya Authored 37 books in the last two years on Amazon.叶海亚授权的37个书籍在过去两年在亚马逊年。 To see his 37 (27 Arabic and 10 English) books you may Click Here!看到他的37(27阿拉伯语和英语10)书籍你可以点击这里!

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