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Posted: October 11, 2009




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Know the Arab TV Channels


MBC Middle East Broadcasting Center

A Ten Year Pioneer, MBC is the leading free-to-air, pan-Arab, news and entertainment channel. MBC's guiding philosophy has always been to lead and innovate. Satellite transmission first started from London in September 1991, making MBC the first-ever, independent Arabic satellite TV station and a market leader, delivering news and quality, family entertainment programming to more than 130 million Arabic speaking people around the world. MBC has recently moved its headquarters to Dubai Media City, enabling the whole production process to be closer to its Arab viewers. The centre has been described as one of the new wonders of the satellite transmission world.

MBC is constantly building on its core strengths to add new dimensions in an ever changing and competitive world of broadcast in the Middle East. All this has led to MBC becoming the most effective pan-Arab medium to link advertisers with Arab-American consumers.

MBC has successfully launched two brand new free-to-air channels, offering 24-hour news and entertainment to the Arab world. '2' is an entertainment movie channel, and Al Arabiya, a 24hour News Channel.  Established in 1991, MBC TV has pioneered the media revolution in the Middle East. MBC TV is an accurate representation of the Arabic culture in all its forms and shapes with the objective to fulfill peoples interests and desires by offering them high quality and exclusive programs...  Click to read more about MBC's History





Al Jazeera is the largest and most controversial Arabic News Channel in the Middle East, offering news coverage 24 hours a day from around the world and focusing on the hottest regions of conflict.  Founded in 1996, and based in Qatar, the Al Jazeera news network is the fastest growing network among Arab communities and Arabic speaking people around the world. 

With programming focusing primarily on news coverage and analysis, the station has earned the loyalty of a large audience. It has also earned the enmity of various critics who argue that Al Jazeera is overly sensational, with a bent on showing bloody footage from war zones as well as giving coverage to violent groups. Criticism from varied governments has helped the channel garner credibility from an audience that is used to government imposed censorship and biased coverage...  Read more in the History Page.






The station's 24-hour free to air news and current affairs channel sets a new trend in the region by offering an unbiased, objective and credible coverage of the news, without reverting to sensationalism or emotional partiality.  On the whole, Al Arabiya is rational but not rigid, informative and daring without being controversial. Click for a complete history







Dr. Yahya TV.

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First launched in Lebanon on February 15, 1993, Future Television became the nations fastest growing station. Supported by a large capital, advanced technology, wide coverage and an excellent image quality, Future Television triggered competition on all fronts in the Lebanese TV market.    Future Television quickly gained a reputation for its eccentric funky look, extensive family programming, an Oriental-Western promotional blend and a diversity of public awareness messages.  
On October 1994, Future Television started a trial satellite broadcasting over the footprint of Arabsat 1D. The testing period lasted two months and left an audience, mostly in the Arab World, asking for more. Shortly after, following the huge success of the initial experiment, Future International was launched with a global audience reachIn less than a year, Future International grew to become one of the leading Arab satellite stations gathering the highest audience ratings in the Gulf, Egypt and the Levant.

Entering the North American was market was the next step, and in June 1998, Future International became available to audiences in the US and Canada through the Echostar DISH system.  Future Television is currently the only Lebanese station to broadcast 24 hours a day. With its rich variety of local and foreign programs, Future Television has set the standards many times. They were the first to launch a daily morning program. Alam El Sabah (This Morning) continues to be a successful reference to Arabic morning programs. They were also the first to introduce the sitcom concept in the region.
On the Internet, Future Television was the first Lebanese Television company to establish a presence on the World Wide Web in March 1996. With an increasing number of daily hits, the website continues to be a reliable reference for Future Television viewers and fans worldwide on one hand, and a connection linking Lebanese abroad to their mother country on the other. In November 2001, Future International merged operations with the Middle East Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), a global Arabic language network based in London.  This merger positions the network as the premier satellite broadcaster for Arab communities worldwide.   Future has also expanded its reach by launching new digital channels such as Zen TV, a youth oriented channel that has revolutionized the media landscape in that region and offered marketers a great vehicle to reach an untapped audience. 

Future TV Technical information, Signal coverage


LBC TV Channel

The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) was launched over the airwaves of Lebanon on August 23 1985 during a tumultuous period in Lebanon's history.  The group of young and determined people who put together LBC knew that it was going to be a baptism of fire. But they had no idea how hot it was going to get!


A.R.T TV Channel


The Arab Radio and Television (ART) Network is the leading producer of premium Arabic family programming and entertainment worldwide. ART has a key role to source, produce, and collate, complete entertainment solutions for the AMC groups, (Arab Media Corporation which is perhaps the largest single Arab media holding company globally). The group has extensive access and rights to a premium selection of Arabic content, meaning pay television viewers in all of the ART territories get more value for their money than with any other cultural network.

The company was founded in October 1993 as a private network, with administrative headquarters in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, technical headquarters in Amman, Jordan, and production facilities spanning the entire Middle East. ART began broadcasting five channels to Europe and the Middle East via Arabsat in 1993 from transmission facilities in Fucino, Italy. Since this time the growth of ART has been significant with the acquisition of world class transmission facilities in Avezzano, Italy, and the introduction of further successful commercial and niche television channels.


ART produces over 6000 live and recorded shows every year including family oriented dramas, series, plays, sports programs, music videos, and documentaries. The network has the largest Arabic movie library in the Middle East and (as part of the AMC conglomerate) has been associated with leading film production houses in the Arab world for well over 30 years. ART has remained focused on providing the Arab world with a diverse and exciting spectrum of family entertainment while maintaining a commitment to providing quality viewing services and preserving the integral traditional values of Arab culture.

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