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 Dr. Hasan  A. Yahya, Ph.Ds

Dr Hasan Yahya is a human being and human rights believer, a professor, a philosopher, a Palestinian by origin, a Jordanian-American by nationality and education, a Kuwaiti by living his early career, a scholar by his thoughts. He is a professor of sociology and an authority on Arab and Muslim cultures. In short, he’s an American Arab writer.
His life, thoughts and actions were made through instruction, teaching, communicating, negotiating or writing. To know more about Dr. Yahya, this page will guide you to many aspects of Dr. Yahya Life and writings on critical ideas and thoughts. He covered a very large subject matter: Arabs, Muslims, Islam, social change, sociology, psychology, history, philosophy, poetry, Arabic Poetry, art of teaching, and Arab-Muslim relations with the western nations and cultures. His research was conducted about human behavior, life satisfaction, and social change in a rapidly changing world, taking into consideration, the advance technology, the global political changes and the position of reducing conflicts among religions, beliefs, education policies, and cultures for the purpose of personal or national development. He is interested mostly in population movement and demography and social behavior after migration from place of origin to a place of destination. His theory of Crescentology-Theory C. is expected to be a new science for sociologists and psychologists to be more involved in personal and social development and the process of conflict management on both macro as well as micro levels. It is a science combines philosophy with sociology, psychology and education in an interdisciplinary major to create new job named socio-therapist. Universities and national institutions should take Crescentology theory rules to create a new world of peace through exchanging true knowledge about each other among individuals (male/female), groups (Small or large), organizations (X, Y, and Z), or nations (underdeveloped, developing, or overdeveloped).
Understanding in his theory is dependent on knowledge, where appreciation follows to lead to a state of compromising and state of conflict free cultures, nations, organizations, groups, and persons. Dr. Yahya believes in human rights, freedom of speech, equality, justice, liberty to pursue happiness. Politically he is liberal (by choice) with conservative beliefs (by force). Dr. Yahya does not believe in magic, or superiority, he believes in the power of human mind and human hearts to come together to close the gap between cultures of the East and the West, religions of the Globe, minority groups' beliefs, and philosophies of the world. Finally; Dr yahya published 20 books so far, and 120 plus articles on sociology, psychology, measurement, poetry, politics, and short stories.
Anyone is welcome to contact dr. Yahya on his email: askdryahya@yahoo.com to ask any question about life, personal happiness, anger, stress, learning, problem�solving, decision-making, fears and hopes or any other topic. Dr. Yahya will be very pleased to provide the help necessary to those who wants to know . Because Yahya belief is: knowledge is power for the mind to control self, ethically, and spiritually.



























Prof. Hasan Yahya's Publications & Books

    Serious writers never be rich - - مؤلفات الدكتور حسن يحيى

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Part of the Sale Revenue goes to Charity of  Celiac Disease and Gluten-Free Children-Patients. 

 6 books on Sociology -- 5 books on Poetry – 5 books Short Stories – 19 Arabic and 8 English Books

4 books on Psychology , 3 books on Sexuality and Cultures – 2 books 4 Kids


Legal Adultery  Sexuality & World Cultures—English

55 Stories 4 Kids -------- خمس  وخمسون قصة للأطفال 

28 Short Arabic Stories-  ثمانية وعشرون قصة قصيرة

Personality & Stress Management-English.

2000 Bayt Arabic Poetry ألفين بيت من الشعر العربي

Arab Palestinians & JEWS-English

Al-Zawaj wal-Jins Fil Aalam

 الزواج والجنس في العالم

Applied Sociology

 علم اجتماع مقارن

ديوان بحر الأماني

شعر بالعربية

Maqalat Ijtimaiyya

مقالات حول التنمية

Crescentology & Human Nature-Arabic

النظرية الهلالية  

Zawjatu-al-Sultan - Ar زوجة السلطان

قصص عربية

Crescentology Theory C.- English.

Poetry Diwan  - -  -- English

Diwan al-Qadar- - --  - --- ديوان القدر - شعر


Arabic IQ Test Measurement قياسات الذكاء

Arab & Islamic Ethics –Bilingual

Moon Flowers English --- English

The Beast in Me, America - English.

Research Methods Arabic مناهج البحث العلمي

Coming Soon ....

Songs for Kids

أغاني رياض الأطفال

Therapy Cases  

حالات غير القادرين


أضواء على

الفكر الغربي



ديوان شعر بالعربية 


































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