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Bold Ideas Concern Arab Palestinians and Jews

Hasan A. Yahya , Ph.Ds


This articles deals with two bold ideas concerning the Palestinian Arab and Israeli conflict. The first  idea about compensations of lands, possessions  and businesses in occupied Palestine as Jews of the Holocaust did?  The second about Palestinians and naturalization in Arab and non Arab host Countries?


Mental ability to think logically is a gift. Unfortunately, culturally, to deal with Jews and Palestinian Arabs is not equally perceived. Unlike Arabs, Jews as well as European and other advanced nations use these mental abilities  perfectly. Our concern here, is Israeli mentalities to deal intelligently with the occupation and their management skills inside and outside Israel to handle occupation and politically secure Palestine as a home land.  

To begin with, it  is a remarkable case, Jews used it perfectly and intelligently. They used their mental abilities to support  the idea which made  Holocaust victims paid for compensation of their homes, businesses, lives, and possessions in Germany, while Arab Palestinians were suppressed to do the same locally, regionally, and internationally. 

In the case of TWA incident years back, Libya paid about two billions for a small number of TWA victims (even though it was not from the ruler pocket, but there was compensation, and the person who was supposedly in charge of the operation was as part of an intelligent (humanitarian) deal recently released).

Of course, many people may say like me, so what?  Nothing wrong with that!  Those who are responsible of making the terror for other people, and they have to pay for the victims of that terror, or be attacked as revenge.   But the question raised among most Palestinians in recent survey (62% percent in West Bank, 49% in Gaza Strip, and 78% in Europe and North America). So the question was raised “Why Palestinians  are denied from such compensations?  They were and still victims of Israeli aggression and occupation? Why is it that Jews get compensation till today, where Palestinians are not permitted to be considered as Jews in compensation. Aren’t they human like Jews.  One of my friends told me that in his childhood his dad was preparing to build their new home in their land near Jafa. The father bought the cement, the wood and the stones  in  1948, but they did not have the chance to have their own home built  in Palestine as the family planned. It is amazing to live on the hope to return to one’s home for sixty years and not expect compensation.

No doubt, that Arab Palestinians are not less intelligent than Jews, nor more. But in my belief, and may be the majority of Palestinians would think logically about the idea of compensation as Jews did. In many cases, the compensation idea for lands is acceptable internationally, and migration and foreign ownership is widely accepted worldwide. I think according to reasoning,   it is the Palestinian  right still to ask and support the idea. 

History told us, in secret or loudly announced documents, that rich people and even some rulers have sold large pieces of Palestinian lands (total some thirty villages, and compensate away from other peasants of the time ) to the Jews who bought these lands and settled on it.

In conclusion,   I strongly support the idea. I think it is a legal question: Why Palestinians are denied to practice their right to have compensations for their lands, business, and possessions after leaving their land by force? The question in itself may contribute in solving the almost century conflict in the Middle East, as well as Palestinian naturalization in host countries, which will be next dealt with. (608 words) www.dryahyatv.com


Bold Ideas Concern Arab Palestinians and Jews

Hasan A. Yahya , Ph.Ds


The second idea, however, is connected with the first one, but from political point of view. Why Palestinians are not Naturalized in Host Countries?

Culturally speaking, cultures make us believe certain ideas and support them illogically. Through the last 60 plus years, the idea  to naturalize Palestinians in the host countries was and still a very negative idea . (I mean the Arab rich and not rich enough countries). It’s true that the land, as the Israelis say, Arabs live with Arabs who have large areas to  consume Palestinians, no matter how this was wrong and unjust to occupy other lands in the case of Palestine. But if Arab leaders  did that and accepted Palestinians as citizens in the first place, that would  help Palestinian refugees (at least)  to establish their lives in the new countries. Arabs, in the past, and present, strongly stood against the idea for internal or external political reasons, or for several overt and covert reasons. Even though some of these countries benefited from Palestinian expertise as they were city dwellers rather than Bedouin.

To show the difference between city dwellers and desert dwellers, research conducted in the early 1950s of past century, shows that a question was asked for two survey attendants one who lives in the desert in a tent, and the other was working as a hair cutter in Amman (capital of Jordan), The first was Jordanian, the second was Palestinian. The question was: If you were the king, or the Prime Minister, what would you do? The Bedouin did not grasp the idea for the death of the king or the Prime Minister, so he was angry, the researcher was attacked on the spot, the respondent was thinking that the researcher imply the death of the two persons, and that what made him mad. In contrast, the same question was directed to the barber  in the Amman city. The barber responded, I would create streets, reduce prices, and doing justice to the citizens. He did not hesitate in his answer. That what I mean by  the difference between city and non-city dwellers.    

Arabs, know very well, logically speaking, that they were one of the many factors if not the most important one in making Palestinians suffer all these years. These nations were counted in small numbers in the 1950s and still in need for more population to defend themselves. But they insisted to deny Palestinians naturalization (While some Palestinian were naturalized in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, and other countries. Jordan, where thousands of Palestinians are considered Jordanians even as second citizens, and were  in certain defense areas where the high ranks in the Army and intelligence agency Palestinians were excluded, but they practiced almost a full right of living and be good citizens). The Jordanian Passport was really a passport open for all countries (except the Soviet Union in the Cold War era for a while). 

It was and still a serious issue in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq.  Palestinians pay daily in their refugee camps, for the ignorance of solving the Palestinian problem. It should be understood  that the land, any land  (in my opinion) belongs to those who reside, work and pursue their life on it. Therefore, I would accept compensations for my land, because something is better than NOTHING.  Life is so short to defend land and die for it. This slogan of dying for one’s county is a dummy solution made by dummy selfish cultural rules and dummy powerful Governments, who like to go back to animal like pre-history life.  I think people everywhere  are free to handle their lives, in any way and not to be controlled by selfishness of cultural past. (612 words) www.dryahyatv.com


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